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21 Aug 2012

Millions of players flocked to DICE Runescape multiplayer Eden Gold beta recently concluded (with the count of reports of up to 12 million simultaneous players on all platforms combined), diving into a decidedly un-experienced battlefield. The Runescape franchise is distinguished with huge maps, vehicles, teamwork, and more players. All these things were missing during Operation Game Metro, Rush focuses on beta mode. With a new engine, backend, new offside browser / server social network, the source client, and the return of 64 players and airplanes, you might think DICE wants to put its main features through its paces on beta to work out the kinks. Strangely enough, not until the opening of the border map Caspian PC gamers over the last weekend of the beta.

And it’s not as if the operation of Metro was a very polished. Stability of the land, poor collision detection, and a variety of other bugs and glitches impact on the multiplayer experience. What’s up with that Kill cam? What is this COD? Yes, it was a beta, and that’s exactly where you want these issues are discovered and addressed. The question is, why do not the largest, full of vehicles, 64-player maps?

We still have exactly one month before launch, so DICE is still  runescape gold for sale a lot of the time of crisis and work out the kinks. But let’s be honest, the studio has a history with the launch, and would be a surprise if three Runescape was really ready for prime time on Oct. 25. I just hope that the studio has learned from its past mistakes and launch, at least, shows an improvement of what is being touted as the potential game of the year. Given the marketing hype behind the $ 100 million stake, a stumble on launch day would be especially painful.

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