Crack has official signing in Korea

8 Feb 2012

Created by Trion and directly named challenge to Planet of Warcraft, the European 3D MMORPG “cracks: Te Lana domain of God” gain a different victory overseas markets. At this time the Korea CJ E & M Corporation Announce that they get the agent and to be the first Asian exporter of crack.

Crack has created for more than five years and dropped a total of $ 50 million, before the formal operation of the test has attracted over 1 million players to join, as to show the level of the concern in North America. Fissures’s view of the globe is describe the two forces’ conflict, the globe produces collapse and to form a number of crack, to maintain order and fight with destiny, players need to choose one side to join, and enjoy a rich and varied content of the epic feeling of accomplishment in a changing world under Te Lana .

“Crack” is currently providing a total warrior, mage, priest and four major professional thieves, with the role of growth can be “soul points” for players on the free allocation to property, as their ideal role; to complete the task and by epic events, to keep on improving the value of the role of hero.

Moreover, as the title game, the game system which get the the most attention is the dynamic events caused by the cracks, when cracks open, Te Lana world surface, biology and surrounding environment will instantly change and bringing a strange and unpredictable planet of different disasters.

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