Master some barbecue skills and Flavoring can let you get oral

19 Oct 2011

There are two types of barbecue to consider, traditional charcoal barbecues and gas powered barbecues. The type you choose will, of course, depend on your budget and preferences.

Barbecue Tips

* Charcoal is ready to be used when it glows red inside and is ash grey outside.
* Place food on a hot rack in the center of the grill. It will stick at first then become looser when the food is seared.
* Slow cooking food should be seared on the hottest part of the grill then moved to the edges or the rack raised to cook slowly and thoroughly all the way through. Slow cooking food includes meats and poultry.
* Fast cooking foods should be seared and cooked in the hottest part of the grill. fast cooking foods include fish and vegetables.
* Regularly turn the food and ensure it is thoroughly cooked all the way through before you serve it.


When food is cooking on the grill, juices drip onto the hot charcoal and the smoke released gives the food the characteristic smoky, barbecue flavor. In order to enhance the flavor marinades are usually used to imbue flavor into the food and also to coat the food so that the marinade caramelizes in the heat and adds to the flavor. Marinades were traditionally used to tenderize the meat and marinades which contain acidic juices such as lime juice, wine or yogurt break down the meat proteins. Oils are also used in a marinade to keep the food moist during grilling. Marinades for fish and vegetables do not need tenderizers.

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